7 Signs That He’s Falling In Love With You

You have to admit that men aren’t as complicated to read as women. It is quite easier to see if “he’s just not into you”, but when can you really say that he has fallen inlove with you?

This article is not just for the ladies but this is also for men. This might help you realize that you have fallen for her.


Here are 7 decoded actions of men that shows that cupid might have struck his heart:

Here are the 7 Signs That He’s Falling In Love With You

He Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of You

Figuratively speaking, he ALWAYS invites you out or makes excuses just to meet you. If meeting you is not possible, he frequently texts or calls you even for petty reasons. There are only three main reasons why a guy picks up his phone: for work, for emergencies, or to hear someone’s voice. If you are not his co-worker nor an operator of an emergency hotline, then its you he’s interested in.

He Keeps His Eyes On You

Whenever you are together, you always catch him staring (not the crazy, creepy stare) at you regardless if you are just across the table during dinner or across the corner of the room at a party … then he smiles.

He Doesn’t Appear To Be Interested In Other Girls Anymore

Sure, you might not be the prettiest girl in the planet but his heart beats for you. Text messages from other girls suddenly cease to exist as compared to when you guys were just starting to go out and his notifications were non-stop. You don’t even hear a girl’s name from him anymore aside from the girls in his family.

Your Opinion Matters

Lately, he has been asking you about advice even for the littlest details, like what color of shirt to wear or what shoes to buy. And not only that, he actually follows your suggestions. This means he wants to please you.

He Gets Jealous

It is the nature of men to be protective and teratorrial, BUT jealousy is a different thing. Whenever he sees someone eyeing you or when a guy talks to you, his mood dampens. This does not mean he sees you as a property. It is because he doesn’t want other guys near you and wants you all for himself. This is also a form of protective intuition.

He Gave You A Pet Name

He spent his time thinking until the wee hours of the morning just to give you a cute pet name, exclusive and different from the usual ‘babes’, ‘honey’ etc. No man calls a woman “honey-bun” if she is not special.

His Rarely Joins His Buddies Anymore

Nobody knows a guy better than his buds. You hear them frequently teasing him due to his absence in their ball games or poker nights. These are things that guys don’t easily give up. It means he treasures his time with you.

If you notice all these things in him, then maybe its time to take your relationship to another level. It’s a sign he is falling in love with you. Go on have that talk…it’s commitment time 🙂



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