Friends are very much susceptible to developing feelings for each other. After all, they spend so much time together, already know each other very well, and are comfortable with one another, flaws and all, but one of the common things I’ve seen as a dating coach is that some women have feelings for their friend which is not reciprocated.

When it comes to making a man commit, it’s never easy to just elevate the friendship status into a romantic one. There is always the fear of rejection and destroying what good relationship you have as friends. But it is much more painful to spend plenty of time with someone with whom you can’t fully express your feelings to. You wish your friend will just sense something and figure everything out. So you hope against all hope that when that does happen, your friend will eventually turn out to feel the same way for you.

It’s definitely very hard to be honest with your feelings, but here are some helpful tips on how to be friends… and more. Know the answer to these questions and you’d be much closer to hopefully becoming more intimate with your friend.

What do you imagine will happen? Where do you see yourself and your friend a few years down the road? Are you aiming for a long-term relationship or is the desire to be with your friend purely based on physical attraction. If you both take the romantic relationship, how will your friendship be affected? Will your friendship survive the changes and expectations that a romantic relationship brings?

How do you imagine your life without your friend? Before taking the plunge and declaring your love to your friend, take a breather. Go meet new people and experience a new environment. Is the yearning to be intimate with your friend as pressing as ever? Removing all the stimulus from your friendship, how do you feel? Does the change in perspective still leaves you with the desire to be more than friends with that one person?

Where are you in your life right now? Are you in a good place to be in a relationship? Do you think you are capable of being a good boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you feel good about yourself? This is very important because you have to think and feel that you are worthy of your friend’s affection.

Will you both grow if you engage in a romantic relationship? Why not try something new and find out how you both feel from the experience. Before changing the nature of the relationship, maybe you should both see each other in a different light by exposing yourselves to new situations. Unless you both really know each other, experiencing new things shed some light as to what your true personalities are.

What are your answers to the above questions? Were they all positive? Then maybe you should have the talk. How you approach the topic and conversation depends on the kind of friendship you both have. If you can undeniably sense the attraction and affection you have for each other, then maybe you should take the leap. Honor your friendship by being honest with each other.

Are you currently stuck in the friendzone and having trouble making a man commit? You can take matters into your own hands and have the relationship you want! Get in touch with Samantha Jayne , a dating coach in Sydney and watch as you transition from the friendzone to the lovezone.



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