Are you single and dating?

Are you single and dating?
Dating can be daunting -especially if you’re a successful,confident woman in other areas of your life.

Too many unknowns mean things go wrong

Zero chemistry. A titillating start that fizzles out. Things move too fast. You let your guard down…and he hurts you. He resents your success. He never calls again.

As a professional matchmaker and dating coach I’ve heard these stories every day for the past eight years. As a successful woman who’s dated, married, divorced and dated again before finding my Mr Right, I know how hard it is to need to hide your soft, feminine side, put on a smile and keep climbing back on the dating treadmill.

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Dating should be delightful
When you date – in the real world or online -with the same knowledge and confidence that you take into the rest of your life, it becomes exciting and fun. An experience you learn so much from while meeting some wonderful men.

And instead of wasting precious time on Mr Wrongs, you spend it with potential Mr Rights, on your path to a lifetime of true love with The One.

Take a small step – or a daring leap – towards love today
My dating products and coaching help you make sense of men, their actions and words, and reveal the four things men really want from a woman they will commit to for life.

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Busy, time-poor successful women love being part of my monthly dating coaching program. It’s convenient, cost-effective and provides a deep insight into men, dating psychology and relationships.

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