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Are you a busy Sydney single looking for love? If your answer is yes, Blue Label Life is ready to help you.

Blue Label Life was founded in 2005 by Melbourne based Dating and Relationship Expert Samantha Jayne. Samantha discovered she had a natural gift for matchmaking when she was attending her sixth wedding that she had set up. It was as though the stars had aligned and she set out to help other connect and find true love.  Blue Label Life’s exclusive dating and matchmaking programs you can change your life by introducing you to your better half.

If you’ve spend the last few years being busy at work, investing in your career, studies and building your net worth and are ready to reignite your personal life, then Blue Label Life is for you. Many of Blue Label Life’s clients have unconsciously be running on autopilot, climbing the corporate ladder, running successful businesses only to realize that their personal lives had taken a back seat.

Blue Label Life’s members are want results, they value quality over quantity and  privacy is important to them. Most of Blue Label Life’s clients don’t feel comfortable in bars, clubs or online dating, they have a preference for the finer things in life and see the huge value in outsourcing.

Time is their most precious resource as they know that time is something that money can’t buy, time is something that you  never ever get back.

Blue Label Life offers you access to the absolute dating and relationship experts. Their professional matchmakers will offer you best dating and matchmaking services available to you.

If you choose to experience Blue Label Life’s professional service  you will get desired results. The professionals from the Blue Label Life will take care of everything in order to help you get the happiness you deserve.

Blue Label Life offer personal one on one consultation so you can meet your private matchmaking in the comfort of a quiet and secure office. During your initial interview, your personal matchmaker gets to know you, find out what makes you tick, what you are looking for in a partner and the type of relationship you are seeking. Your matchmaker looks at your long term goals and matches you with someone who wants the same things in life as you. Someone with passion, adventure and drive, someone you can call a best friend.

Before each introduction you will receive a full extensive Relationship Radar compatibility report which looks at the 50 factors most important in a successful happy relationship. Blue Label Life gives you the opportunity to meet fascinating singles and ultimately that one special someone that makes your heart skip a beat.

Your love life personal assistant is here to help you, save time and resources to get you’re your desired results.

With years of success Blue Label Life has a high rate of marriages from their matches. As such you can count on these professionals to only match you with highly qualified individuals in a comfortable dating setting. Get started today!



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