The right time to say “I Love You”

Right time to say i love you

“I Love You!” Three simple words with abundant possible meanings that can trigger overwhelming emotions. Love is an intense and beautiful feeling, others may have dreamed of hearing it all their lives while some literally don’t care. Indeed, love is powerful; it can either make or break a relationship. But then again, love is not […]

How to Propose to your man

Women proposes to men

Are you ready to get married? Are you positively, entirely sure that the man you are with now, is the man you want to share your life with? Is he the one? Tired of waiting for him to propose? Then dare to be different, take the plunge and propose to him. There is nothing wrong […]

Top 10 reasons to date a doctor


If you are planning to date a doctor or you are currently dating one, here are top 10 reasons to date a doctor. What Is A Doctor? A doctor is also known as a physician. This is a person who practices medicine. They are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental diseases […]


body language

Is he into you? You’re not about to have his outspoken answer just yet on your first date and especially because men sometimes tend to be unexpressive and most of the time uncommunicative human beings. Men, unlike women, often find it hard to express how they feel and unfortunately get misinterpreted by their silence. But […]

When to Call It Quits In a Relationship

When to call it quits

Being in a happy relationship is gratifying but it takes hard work to keep one. In a relationship, couples must be ready to face its trials but must also embrace its triumphs. Funny how it only takes seconds to call it quits in a relationship but takes years to build and keep one. Nobody wants […]

7 Signs You Have Found “THE ONE”

Found the one

7 Signs You Have Found “THE ONE” They say “Love conquers all”! It empowers you to bravely face the world, fight the odds and overcome the many adversities of life, as long as you are together with your one true love. But let’s admit it, finding the one isn’t easy as ABC’s and 123’s when […]

How to Attract An Aussie Male

Attract Aussie Men

What Men Want: How to Attract an Aussie Male What do men want? This is the eternal question. Luckily the Australian male is a simple creature, they are not over thinkers or relationship analysts and neither should you be. Capturing the heart of the Aussie male is as simple as following these five simple steps! […]

Blue Label Life tells us how to get your man to commit!


              Walk up to any man and ask him about commitment, his answer will be simple, if he wants to commit he will. Simple as that. Men are not the complex creatures we make them out to be through our constant dissections of their actions and conversations. They are […]

Create Chemistry On Your First Date

  On a first date Chemistry Is the Key Mind the butterflies in your tummy, they are trying to tell you something, and that something must be the chemistry that occurs on your very first date. So what happens on a first date, do you get that tingling feeling? Does your heart miss a beat? […]

7 Signs That He’s Falling In Love With You

he wants to commit

You have to admit that men aren’t as complicated to read as women. It is quite easier to see if “he’s just not into you”, but when can you really say that he has fallen inlove with you? This article is not just for the ladies but this is also for men. This might help […]

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