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How to tell if he’s ready to commit to a serious relationship

READY WHEN YOU ARE How to tell if he’s ready to commit to a serious relationship. Commitment and excitement. Time is an imperative investment he can give you. Availability is the key, most definitely! He rearranges his schedule to accommodate quality time with you, and plenty of it too. He commits to the big stuff […]


Friends are very much susceptible to developing feelings for each other. After all, they spend so much time together, already know each other very well, and are comfortable with one another, flaws and all, but one of the common things I’ve seen as a dating coach is that some women have feelings for their friend […]

Change Your Attitude: How Your Mentality Affects Your Love Life

I’ve noticed something lately. Something surprisingly usual, specifically among geeky individuals who’re trying to get much better at dating. They follow all the stuff they read on the Internet but they automatically assume its bullshit because they fail. They think that if they say the right words or do the right moves, they will get […]

Dating Tips: Taking Control of Your Emotions

Are you one of those women who struggle when getting into a new relationship? Perhaps you should control your emotions before you step into the world of dating again! Samantha Jayne, a professional dating coach in Sydney, has come up with these dating tips to help you better control your emotions before you delve into […]

How to Get a Man to Chase You

Whether you are tired of chasing after the man you enjoy, or you simply desire the adventure that comes from turning the tables on a crush, it’s perfectly possible to obtain a guy to chase you instead of the other way around. If you stop chasing a man, he’ll be even most likely to be […]

How Much Does Mood Affect Your Attractiveness?

Some time ago, I met up with an old friend who has been downright grumpy about various parts of his life. She was frustrated, angry, and miserable most of the time. Now, she mentioned that nobody wanted to go out with her lately. She was wondering why nobody “likes” her. I took my time before […]

Top Ten Mistakes Women Make To Push Him Away

Mistakes are how some people learn in life. At least I learn this way. But there are a few mistakes women make that consciously or not drive men away. Your job is to try and steer clear of the following. 1. Acting like you don’t need a man 2. Women act like mothers and treat […]

What is the difference between an Alpha Male VS. Beta Male

Know the difference. You think women are the only ones fondly described as ‘complicated’? Well, think again. We are all complicated beings, men included. Although there are plenty of ways to describe them, men generally fall into the categories of either the alpha or beta male. This principle of categorizing men arises from how they […]


          “Why won’t he commit?”. No women would want to spend another day with a commitment-phobe. Some men may be upfront in expressing their lack of desire to enter into a commitment, while others may keep you guessing. Here are the kind of guys you should skip if you’re looking for the ones who are […]

Decor Confidential: 5 Secrets to a Sexy Bedroom

We all know that our bedroom is the place where we sleep. It’s the place where we retire after a long day of work. But, we also have to remember that the bedroom is also the place where couples stay for the night. It becomes their own private haven from the world outside. The bedroom […]

How to keep him interested in you for the long term

LONG-TERM ATTRACTIVENESS How to keep him interested in you for the long term. If there’s one thing men like to be, it’s being happy. And they like staying that way for a long time ‘til kingdom come. And although it is not his woman’s sole job to keep him happy, it certainly is a requirement […]

Dating Coach Says: Boost Your Own Emotional Intelligence!

Becoming a better dater and partner involves admitting your own shortcomings. Perhaps you unknowingly highlight your own inherent traits which make you attract Mr. Wrong. As a dating coach, I used to think a person who lacks vision on who Mr. Right is and his traits are the main culprits for becoming a dart board […]

The Dynamics of Dating Shy Men

Let’s be honest, having a shy guy as a crush is tough work. You know he can’t make a move and it will be hard for you both to realize your possible love story. So how can you possible date a shy guy? When you discover yourself brought in to a shy guy is to […]

Tips to Being Irresistible

Everything you read or see on television would have you think that physical beauty is the key to being irresistible. Yes, pouty lips are sexy to some men. Yes, long legs are sexy to other men. Yes, being top-heavy will turn a lot of heads. But these aren’t the qualities that will attract the man […]

The 19 Best Reasons Why You Need To Date An Engineer

Keep in mind that nerdy, smart kid in your courses in junior high and high school? He was type of shy, on the honour roll and hesitated of approaching girls? Well, women, he has now finished from college, makes a terrific wage, will certainly treat you well and makes the absolute best sweetheart. Not just […]

How Your Masculine Energy May Repel Your Man?

Women do have masculine energy in them. This is what gives them the qualities of directness, control, assertiveness, competitiveness, and the sense of “doing”. In this cutthroat world, strong and independent women often need to bring out their “inner man” in order to thrive. As a professional, possessing these attributes will definitely help you reach […]

What matters most to men when it comes to attraction?

ATTRACTION 101 What matters most to men when it comes to attraction?             What makes a woman desirable to a man? What makes a man give a woman a second, lingering look? What interests a man to ask a woman out? Is it her beautiful face? Is an hourglass-shaped body a dead giveaway of a […]

The secrets to capturing a man’s attention on a first date

SEDUCE AND CONQUER The secrets to capturing a man’s attention on a first date.                 You had me at hello. It is true on what they say about first impression— they tend to last. And first dates are all about making an impression, which could possibly lead to a second one. But what can a woman possibly do […]

Dating Alpha Males VS. Beta Males

The pros and cons. Dating men is a lot like choosing a product. In order to pick the right one, you have to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Are you the type of woman who likes a strong male presence whose lead you can follow or are you the type who likes […]

How To Be A Goddess And Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Powerful by Day, Desirable by Night This doesn’t mean that you have to lead a double life. By tapping into your awareness of your inner masculine and feminine energies, you can have full control over them. In short, you can bring out the right type of energy for the right kind of situation. Transitioning from one […]




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