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“Discover How To Find And Keep The Man Of Your Dreams, And Embrace A More Confident, Attractive,And Passionate YOU… With The Secret Women’s Business  Coaching Program!

From: The Desk of Samantha Jayne, Date Coach and Relationship Expert 

Samantha Jayne

Dear Friend,

When you picture your ideal lifestyle, what do you see? 

Do you see a strong woman, accomplishing great things in her career?

A passionate woman, excited and feeling truly fulfilled by her life?

Someone who is:

  • Confident
  • Loving
  • Open
  • Focused
  • Strong
  • Intelligent
  • Independent

And what about your relationship?

Do you see yourself with a loving husband and partner, a man who respects you and makes you feel like you were safe? Someone who is charming, passionate, reliable and attractive…a responsible man who respects you as a woman and channels his masculinity in a positive way?

If you aren’t getting these things out of your life, then you MUST ask your self WHY!

First, let’s talk about dating.

At some point, you became frustrated when you realized that finding a quality man who is interested in committing is HARD. The dating world isn’t like the movies and it can be disappointing…

Trust me, I’ve talked to hundreds of women about dating and the following responses are EXTREMELY common:

  • He’s boring.
  • “He doesn’t GET me…”
  • “He’s a player and doesn’t want to stop dating other people…”
  • “He never wants to make me a priority…”
  • “He’s distant…”
  • “He’s immature…”
  • “Things are great in the beginning…but they go downhill fast…”
  • “He isn’t comfortable talking about long-term plans…”
  • “He has emotional baggage…”
  • “I’m so tired of meeting the same types of guys…”

If you’re reading this right now, that means you are a woman who DESERVES a man who will commit to her entirely. You deserve someone who is NOT AFRAID to get down on one knee, take your hand, look you in the eyes and ask you to be his one and only forever!

So why isn’t that happening?

Why are you attracting men who have such a difficult time with commitment???


Men Get Scared

There are TWO answers to this question, and I’m going to tell you them in a minute, but first I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Samantha Jayne and I’m a professional matchmaker and relationship expert.  My job is to help my clients discover how to find the man of their dreams…and keep him!

I’ve spent years helping women learn what’s REALLY going on inside the mind of men and what to do to change their love lives forever.

My clients come to me once they’re fed up with their current romantic situation, they know its now or never because they don’t have time to waste with the wrong men.

They are:

  • Tired of wasting time with men who just want to play games…
  • Dissatisfied with the men they’ve met in the “dating scene”…
  • Disappointed with the quality of men they are meeting…
  • Not interested in dating men with emotional baggage and too many “issues”…
  • Ready to take things to the next step in their personal, professional, and romantic life!
  • They want  Man that will commit to them and want to feel special…
  • Most importantly they know what they have been doing isn’t working for them and its time to change!

The REAL Reason Why You Aren’t Getting Want You Want Out Of Your Man (And Your Life) When It Comes To Commitment:

My clients are looking for PASSION and a REAL CONNECTION that stands the test of time. They want to feel “those”goose bumps, the electrifying feeling when they know that they’re with the RIGHT PERSON.

My job is to make that happen!

I’ve spent several years studying behavioural psychology and relationships…and that’s why I know that there are two specific reasons why men have a hard time committing:

Reason # 1: Men get scared.


They don’t like to feel that they’re losing control and they’re afraid they might lose part of their identity (and what makes them desirable) if they settle down.

Sometimes this happens because they’ve been hurt before in another relationship, so they have a difficult time trusting women. Other times it’s simply because they’re afraid they’ll be forced to give too much up…whether it’s “nights out with the boys” or drinking beer and watching the game on Sunday.

Reason Number 2: Men don’t want to feel powerless.

Men like to feel powerful and committing to someone can make them feel like they are losing some of that power. This isn’t always the case, but it is EXTREMELY common.

These aren’t the only reasons why men have a difficult time with commitment, but they are two of the most common ones.

Want To Know How To Solve These And Other Commitment Problems?

I’ve put together an INCREDIBLE group-coaching program that is designed for women JUST LIKE YOU. Inside, we discuss how to identify problems that you want to change in your life, from relationships to career issues—and everything in between!

This program is guaranteed to change how you look at relationships, goal-setting and much, much more.

The name of the program is the Secret Women’s Business Group and inside you’ll discover secrets that some women NEVER have a chance to learn.

For example:

  • The MOST EFFECTIVE strategies for making even the most reluctant men want to commit to you…
  • The POWER of Focus—How to get it and KEEP it…
  • Things that you can do to create an irresistible presence that proves to man YOU CHOOSE that you are the one…
  • The Top 10 reasons why woman fail to accomplish their goals in the 21st century…
  • How to overcome TOXIC personalities at work…
  • The 10 most common fatal mistakes that women make that actually push men away when they don’t even realize it (you could be doing these things right now and don’t even realize it!)
  • The traits that men REALLY look for in a wife(Some of these are unspoken rulesthat they wouldnever tell you in a million years!)
  • Secret Women’s Entrepreneurship—how you can start your own profitable business and become your own boss this year!
  • How to take a peek inside men’s minds and learn about the thoughts and emotions that go on before he pops the question…
  • Telltale signs that he’s a player and how you can make him change his ways and want commit to you permanently…
  • How to BANISH insecurity and embrace a more confident YOU…today!
  • How to manage stress and find your own personal “ZEN”…
  • Monthly podcasts where I interview successful women and we discuss how they managed to find love, wealth and their dream lifestyles…
  • A FREE bonus podcast where I’ll teach you how to be IRRESISTABLE to your ideal partner including an invitation to my incredible cutting-edge attraction e-course (a $197 value for FREE!)

Ladies, if you’re ready to take control and start getting what you REALLY deserve out of your relationships and your life, then you MUST sign up for the Secret Women’s Business Program today!

Why You Should NEVER Settle When It Comes To A Committed Relationship

You deserve to be cared for and to feel safe and secure…

You deserve a man who will love you unconditionallyfor who you are, and who won’t try to change you into someone he wants you to be…

You deserve someone who has all of the qualities that you are looking for in a mate: a man who is charming, loyal, loving, successful and attractive…a man who wants to hold onto you and never let go!

However, there are some things you absolutely must know and do before a man will let down his defenses and become emotionally invested (and even a little bit vulnerable) with you.

For example:

The truth that no one ever really talks about is that men are JUST as emotionally fragile as we are. Even the most powerful CEOs, successful athletes, and famous celebrities can be scared to death of committing to a woman. I know, because I’ve seen it happen time and time again!

Many women have lived their entire lives without knowing how to get what they want out of their jobs and their relationships…they never develop a PLAN for achieving their goals!

However, those women who DO find a support network and embrace the right strategies for getting want they want…

Those women can accomplish ANYTHING!

Now, you can surround yourself with these types of women and reveal the TRUE inner goddess that is just WAITING to take what she deserves!

Within the FIRST MONTH of membership, things that never made sense beforewill be crystal clear and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the results that you are looking for!

Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip Away

You could spend a decade or more trying to learn these secrets on your own. In the meantime, you would exhaust yourself dating the wrong men, making the wrong career decisions, and allowing stress, negativity and emotional blockages to run your life!


You can join our elite group of women who are committed to helping each other accomplish your goals…and find (and keep!) the man of your dreams!

That’s why I tell my clients that my services are an investment in the future and the Secret Women’s Business Group Coaching Program is EXACTLY the same kind of investment…

My comprehensive group coaching sessions teach you to become irresistible and to unleash your true inner goddess…to project confidence…to become someone who can tackle ANY challenge…

group coaching

private sessions button

Frankly, these just aren’t the sorts of things that you will read in a magazine…

Alice, 50, Entrepreneur: Melbourne – Australia.

Thank you Samantha Jayne, for helping me release years of toxic relationships. I feel so much better and for the first time in my life I have put myself first. I voice what my needs are, I attract attention from eligible men and the weight of the world has lifted from my shoulders. I had no idea the power of embracing my inner goddess, my femininity and still keeping my strong personality. I used to think that being vulnerable was weak, how wrong I was! I’m loving this new attention. I’m loving that my relationship with myself and men has changed. I’m looking forward to choosing a good man on my terms that is worthy of my commitment. Oh how times have changed ;-) 

Alicia, 25. Lawyer – New York – USA.

I am a big strong loud personality and I used think men were intimidated by me. After inner circle coaching my relationship with my boyfriend went off with a BANG! He proposed!!!! I am  happier than ever, suddenly after 4 years of dating and telling me he didn’t want commitment I applied my inner circle coaching techniques from make men commit and within months I got the ring! I’m so excited. We are planning to get married in Vegas..Yes It is a little crazy but you only live once and I’m happier than ever!

Gayle, 39, Executive : Sydney – Australia.

After my 15 year marriage ended I had no idea what to do. Dating was new to me, it had no idea, I was nervous, I lacked confidence and my friends were filling me with their own scary advice. People thought I was confident, my career was better than ever, yet personally I was a mess. I kept experiencing one date disaster after another. It felt like the men that I liked didn’t want me and the ones that I didn’t want, wanted me. I was frustrated.

Until a colleague said told me about her monthly coaching sessions, with Samantha Jayne from Make Men Commit. I couldn’t afford the $500 per session I opted for the monthly inner circle and I am so glad I did! My life has changed. I feel more confident, I am in the flow, I feel like an absolute goddess and yes…I have found my dream man. It took me 6 months of coaching to redefine what I wanted and attract the right man and keep him! I have never looked back and I continue this program even today as the human behavioural element helps me in all areas of life, even professionally. I feel good and I will be eternally grateful for this coaching program. It’s a small investment with a massive outcome, amazing ROI!

“Ok, Samantha. It Sounds Like You Know What You’re Talking About…But How Much Is Membership To Your Program Going To Cost?”

It’s true that my consulting servicesarefairly pricey for some people, which is why I wanted to create a coaching program that every woman can afford,because—let’s face it: we all deserve to have what we really want when it comes to relationships, business, health, and marriage!

My group coaching sessions are usually priced at $97 per month, which is an absolute STEAL for the amount of secrets I reveal…

IF you act now, you can get 100% access to the Secret Women’s Coaching Program for



only $49 per month!!!!

(That’s probablyless than you’ll spend on a single night out this month!) The information that you’ll find inside of my e-book is literally priceless and I hope that you give yourself the chance to learn what has changed so many women’s lives forever…

My PERSONAL Guarantee To You:

I want you to be comfortable trying the Secret Women’s Business program without any concern, that’s why I’m offering a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee…

This means that you can try my coaching for 30 days with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK. If you don’t feel like you’ve learned techniques that will help you make a MASSIVE difference in your personal, professional AND romantic life, then simply contact me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

No questions asked and no hard feelings!

Ladies, you deserve to live a happy and healthy life AND share it with the man of your dreams…

Click HERE To Join the Secret Women’s Business Group Coaching Program Now!





Your friend,

Samantha Jayne

P.S.The Secret Women’s Business Group is your personal blueprint for getting what you want out of your relationships, your career, and much, much more. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t have it all…because my clients are LIVING PROOF that YOU CAN!

P.P.S.This special promotion for the Secret Women’s BusinessGroup Coaching will NOT be going for a long time, so if you want to take advantage of the ridiculously low price of $49 per month, then you must act fast!

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