Create Chemistry On Your First Date

On a first date Chemistry Is the Key

Mind the butterflies in your tummy, they are trying to tell you something, and that something must be the chemistry that occurs on your very first date.

First date chemistry, chemistry is the key

So what happens on a first date, do you get that tingling feeling?

Does your heart miss a beat?

Fist impressions are vital on a first date if you want to create instense chemistry.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and neither do you get a second chance to erase all the awful memories of a first date. A first date is an opportunity to mess up a relationship forever. However a first date can be an opportunity to bond two people towards an everlasting one, so create chemistry on your first date!

After a first date, your puzzled mind will ask various questions, was there any chemistry? Did I feel a sense of connection? Is there a possibility of a second date? Physical appearance is of an importance on a first date, human eyes hardly judge ones personality on a first date but rather judge a person’s physical attributes. What does this mean?, well it clearly means that in order to createchemistry on a first date, both the man and woman must look fairly attractive and well presentable to magnet onto each other.

Two great minds must connect for there to be chemistry on a first date, the thought of a chemistry occurring further allows a couple to be more attracted to each other. Not just by physical appearance but rather by exchanging aspects of each other’s thoughts, impression, memories, feelings and intimacy the two persons share.

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. You should mean what you say and say what you mean because your date will know if you are just saying old fibs. It’s good to be sensitive and listen if your date has got something to say, but also speak up when the silence is starting to get awkward. It would be nice to ask your date things about themselves every once in a while.

This might be the last card that you have if you think your night did not go the way you planned it. Or if it did, well, it would be good to know that aside from being attracted to each other physically and mentally, there is also that sexual tension between the two of you which creates a perfect chemistry on your very first date.



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