It’s a known fact that a handful of the dating population meets potential partners online. It can be quite daunting putting up a profile where everything from you picture to your personal information gets scrutinized. Whatever you put can either help you find a potential mate or seriously hurt your chances of ever finding one. Besides, there can’t be such a perfect profile. But you can have the perfect profile for YOU.

Data taken from certain dating websites like and OkCupid helped create and algorithm, providing tips to online dating users to create their ideal profile. This includes selecting the right profile photo along with the right content to make your profile stand out.

Here are a few of those tips for men and women who wish to increase the attention they get with their online dating profiles.

For Men

Talk about your kids. Being a single dad isn’t a shocking revelation anymore. In fact, more women appreciate men who are honest and proud of taking care of their kids. It shows you have a good father potential, especially for women who would want to settle down. Exactly the kind of woman you might be looking for.

Topless selfie is a no-no. Women do appreciate a good body, but in private. Wearing decent clothes sends a message that you are a neat and presentable guy that they’d be happy to be seen with. Facial expressions also matter. A simple smile, showing off your pearly whites sell more than smirks or duck faces.

It’s a sports thing. Being physically active garners a wider audience as women find men who take care of their physical well-being appealing. Top ranking sports include surfing, yoga, and skiing. But if you’re not into those then you most definitely shouldn’t put it out there. Lying is never appealing.

Address women the right way. Women like to be called women, not girls.

Body-speak. In terms of physical attributes, women are attracted to your arms, chest, legs, and eyes. In that particular order.

For Women

Get fit. Women don’t necessarily have to look like a swimsuit model but having a fitness regimen can be golden for your profile. In terms of physical activity, yoga is ranked highest followed by surfing and running.

Selfies. Quite acceptable for women, so long as you make eye contact and appear decent. Showing your pearly whites is a plus.

Body-speak. Stomach, arms, bum, legs, and feet are ranked as the most interesting physical attributes to men.

Location. Women known to live in cities such as London and New York seem to be the most attractive location to be in.

Technomoron no more. Men find it attractive when women know their way around electronics and gadgets.

Despite all these tips, attracting your true mate requires honesty to a certain degree. You don’t have to air out all your dirty laundry, but you have to be accountable for everything you put up in your profile. Don’t give out high expectations and end up with a disappointed date. Remember, you wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of lies as well.



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