Dating Alpha Males VS. Beta Males

The pros and cons.

Dating men is a lot like choosing a product. In order to pick the right one, you have to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Are you the type of woman who likes a strong male presence whose lead you can follow or are you the type who likes taking the lead? So who should you go after, the alpha or beta male? The following may answer the question for you.

Alpha Male

Pros: Alpha males have the strong instinct to provide and protect, hence a woman dating one will be at the receiving end of a sense of safety and security. They like showering their women with material gifts and luxuries— they love to sweep you off your feet. Physical strength and prowess are topnotch priorities for alpha males, hence they make it an effort to look good and keep themselves fit. They tend to hold high positions at work or be the boss themselves, drive fancy cars, and generally live the good life. They are charismatic with exceptional seduction skills where women are concerned.

Cons: Because they have high levels of testosterone in their system, their extremely masculine energies seek partners with strong feminine energies to maintain balance. In short, they want the upper hand in the relationship. If you are a strong, independent woman, then being with another alpha male may result in a competition to establish dominion over the other. Moreover, alpha males do not generally understand subtle layers of languages, so you might have a little difficulty with communication. They say what’s on their mind and that’s the end of it. They like to be right all the time and come out on top every time. If you’re looking for romantic partners, look somewhere else.

Beta Male

 Pros: Dating a beta male may be the best choice for a woman in this modern society. They are most often the most sensitive to women— they are good listeners, are able to comfort and sympathize. Where alpha males may be a bit animalistic in nature, betas are more refined. They have excellent communication skills, are creative, and can be very romantic. Not to say that they are submissive, but beta males have the tendency to be easily convinced by their partners— a great advantage for women, don’t you think?

Cons: Beta males can be quite the emotional type, which is seen as a weak trait among males. They can easily get discouraged as well, lacking the natural and innate sexy self-esteem of the alphas. They will most likely not make the first move, so you can’t really expect them to ask for your number or ask you out on a date; maybe you’ll have to find ways to orchestrate those. Their sometimes passive and subordinate role may leave you initiating direction for your relationship, which can be quite frustrating. They give more emphasis on nurturing their intelligence and creativity rather than invest on their physical appearance.



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