Dating Tips: Taking Control of Your Emotions

Are you one of those women who struggle when getting into a new relationship? Perhaps you should control your emotions before you step into the world of dating again! Samantha Jayne, a professional dating coach in Sydney, has come up with these dating tips to help you better control your emotions before you delve into the world of dating!

Step 1: Take an honest look at what you currently have with someone. Are you the type of person who easily gets infatuated after the first date? Becoming too emotional is extremely dangerous and can be harmful to a budding relationship. You have to know when to just have fun, see where the relationship will take you and when deep emotions should be seriously considered.

When you have just started dating, one of the biggest dating tips you have to keep in mind is this is the perfect time to just try things out. If you do feel overwhelmed by emotion in the beginning, take a step back. Treat the first few months of dating like a job interview. You don’t know each other well enough yet but having fun with each other can help you find out if this is truly the person of your dreams.

Step 2: Find out what makes you tick. Look at yourself and find out what presses your buttons and learn how to respond better to those emotions. When you keep your emotions in check before you react to any situation, it will be better for your mental and emotional health as well as the well-being of your relationships in the long run. Some of the common emotional triggers include:

Jealousy – Is it hard for you to see your date talking to other people? What happens when you see your date in a situation where he or she seems to be flirting with others? If there is no reason to suspect your partner is actually interested in another person, take time to consider how being jealous can affect your relationship. Does it help bring yourself closer to the person you’re dating or does it just drive a wedge between the two of you?

Being clingy – You may be so attracted to your date that you don’t want to spend an hour apart and you end up hanging out wherever your date goes… but being clingy isn’t actually the best thing for your relationship. Remember to have your own sense of independence at all times!

Step 3: Find out how your different emotions can affect your relationship. Some people actually appreciate having an emotional partner, or someone who is not afraid to show his or her emotions. However, think about how being overtly emotional can affect your own sense of being and self-worth.

Do the emotions you feel prevent you from becoming an independent person and can you approach life on your own or will you only be able to handle things when you’re in a relationship? If your emotions have hindered your own self-growth and ability to approach your life on your own, ask yourself why you seem to need the other person’s validation before you can experience being happy on your own.

Before you jump into the world of dating, adopt a way of thinking that says “No matter what, I will be fine.” If you start dating someone and you believe you’ll need to do everything to make the relationship survive, you are only making things difficult for yourself. Be strong enough to walk away if the relationship doesn’t go as planned.

Step 4: Learn how to communicate. When babies try to communicate, they mostly cry. Isn’t it frustrating to hear a baby cry not knowing what he or she wants? The same is true when it comes to grown-ups. As an adult, you cannot rely on childish outbursts and you have the capacity to make use of words to help get your point across. You can use your intellect to convey your emotion. Instead of automatically acting on an emotion you’re experiencing, wait for a moment, gain your composure and calmly communicate how you feel.

Being a master of dating involves being able to take complete ownership of one’s emotions. If you want to date better and increase your prospects of finding the right person, get in touch with Samantha Jayne today for more personalized dating tips and advice to help you get your love life on the right track!



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