Decor Confidential: 5 Secrets to a Sexy Bedroom

We all know that our bedroom is the place where we sleep. It’s the place where we retire after a long day of work. But, we also have to remember that the bedroom is also the place where couples stay for the night. It becomes their own private haven from the world outside. The bedroom also becomes a place where couples can as romantic as they want to be. For this very reason, it is only apt that you do some tweaks to sex up your bedroom. Here are 5 steps you can follow that will surely make your bedroom extra sexy.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Glamourize – If you have been reading or watching great love stories, you will see a common thing present in all of their bedrooms – glamour. Well, we can all agree that a little bit of drama and glamour won’t hurt any couple. Try using dark paint on your walls to make it more inviting while accenting it with mirrored details.
  2. Take out the Linens – Ever heard of your mom telling you to invest on high thread count sheets? Well, she was right in more ways than one. Just imagine going home to a super soft sheet after a long day’s work. The good thing is, they will get softer in time. So don’t hesitate to wear them off. Top it all off with a down duvet that will set you in a very comfortable mood.
  3. Add some Texture – Ever wondered why a faux-fur throw or sheepskin rug always turns you on? Well, we will never know. Fact of the matter is, texture adds flavour to a room. If you want to turn it up a notch, upholster your walls with suede or raw silk.
  4. Dim the Lights – Your bedroom should set you in a calm mood whenever you get it. For a lot of people, dim lights does a job well done regarding this matter. Low light can also improve your sleep as it helps in increasing the release of melatonin which is also known as the sleepy hormone. Dimmer switches can be a cost effective way to get this right.
  5. Accentuate with Objects – Aside from your partner, the last thing that you should see before you sleep at night should be objects that make you happy or things that lighten up your mood. Install shelves where you can place your favourite books or found objects. You can also place paintings on the wall. Keeping such things close will constantly remind you to be happy and positive.



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