What is the difference between an Alpha Male VS. Beta Male

Know the difference.

You think women are the only ones fondly described as ‘complicated’? Well, think again. We are all complicated beings, men included. Although there are plenty of ways to describe them, men generally fall into the categories of either the alpha or beta male.

This principle of categorizing men arises from how they behave in terms of social traits, more specifically those towards the opposite sex. As the alpha and beta titles suggest hierarchy, the alpha has long been acclaimed as the superior of the two. But what are really the differences between the alpha and beta male?

Alpha Male

Think of James Bond, George Clooney, jocks from the high school you attended, and yes, including your really hot boss. You’d immediately think they represent the epitome of the existence of the male population. In short, they are the alphas. They’re the men who exude every bit of characteristic typical of female-baits— they attract not only females, but they are a strong presence all together. In the animal kingdom, the alpha male runs the pack, makes the call, and is always the first to pick the females he want. Among humans, alpha males are basically the same. They have a strong self-esteem, successful in their careers, and most often get to date the most desirable girls. Alpha males are not necessarily the most physically attractive, yet their strong presence makes them amiable to almost all. They are like the proverbial equivalent of Moses who parted the Red Sea. In their case, they part women along their path and almost always turn heads around.

Beta Male

In hierarchal terms, the beta males are the second-rate version of the alpha males. But this stereotype may not hold true among all beta males. If alpha males were the hunters and protectors during the Stone Age, the beta males were the artists who painted on cave walls. They are not necessarily followers to the alphas, they are rather of a different breed so to speak. They have brains over brawn. The beta males characteristics center around being diplomatic and having a milder demeanor in approaching things. They don’t necessarily announce their presence like alphas do, but they have a different way of attracting attention (and women). They may be known as meek or a loner and even sensitive, but some women do still dig those men they can tame. They are your typical Mr. Nice Guys, but they may not necessarily finish last.



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