How Much Does Mood Affect Your Attractiveness?

Some time ago, I met up with an old friend who has been downright grumpy about various parts of his life. She was frustrated, angry, and miserable most of the time. Now, she mentioned that nobody wanted to go out with her lately. She was wondering why nobody “likes” her. I took my time before answering because I will might say something that could’ve possibly surprised her.

You see, I have this belief that mood affects your attractiveness.

Try this one out, on regular nights when you go out to meet other people be as positive as possible. Carry a 100-watt smile every time. Smile at people genuinely. You will realize that your mood will instantly get better. When your mood gets better, your attractiveness will rise. You will see that more people will stop you to get your number, to chat, or even to ask you out. Believe me, this will really work as I have tried this technique a couple of times especially when I’ve been through a very stressful week.

Now, with this belief in mind, I proceeded to talk to my friend regarding why nobody likes her or wanted to take her out. I told her that she needed to change her mood. I told her that it’s not about faking it but she needed to do some stuff that will lighten up her load. At this point, I asked her to do some things that can release endorphins like doing some physical exercise. It helped her to some extent but she still needed a cure for her frustration.

I told her about my smile technique. I asked her to try it out when she goes out jogging or just running to do some errands. “Make sure you give them a genuine smile. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what they are doing, just make sure to shoot them a smile that can light up a room.”

I am still yet to hear from my friend but I really believe the results will be positive. Before you even think about getting a facelift or a facial, think about changing your mood first. But if you think you might have some problems with setting yourself in a lighter mood, why not contact an expert to help you out.



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