How to Attract An Aussie Male

What Men Want: How to Attract an Aussie Male

What do men want? This is the eternal question. Luckily the Australian male is a simple creature, they are not over thinkers or relationship analysts and neither should you be. Capturing the heart of the Aussie male is as simple as following these five simple steps!

  1. Be Confident

Just like women, men are attracted to confidence. That does not mean that you have to walk up to a man and offer to buy him a drink (although that would definitely leave an impression) it means being yourself, speaking your mind and participating in conversation. Aussie men love lively conversation and a good laugh, participating in group conversations or initiating things one on one is a great way to show you are a confident woman who is worth getting to know. Be brave and step up, Aussie men can be loud so making sure you are forthright and ready to jump in and show them what you’ve got.

  1. Be Down to Earth

There is nothing the Aussie man hates more than a woman who is high maintenance, self obsessed or acts like a princess. Show that you are a genuine down to earth kind of lass and watch them come running. No man wants to enter into a relationship where he sees the potential for hard work and big egos, show him you are both independent but also approachable. The Aussie male is relaxed and flexible, more likely to be found at a beach picnic or catching up with friends at the pub than dressed to the nines schmoozing at a cocktail bar. Whilst he likes a fancy night out he also needs to know that you can go low key and are happy to just chill out with a beer and a frisbee.

  1. Be Fun

We all know that the Aussie male loves to laugh, so showing your fun side is a great way to capture his heart. Knowing that you can both laugh together is a big turn on for him, whether it’s watching your favourite sitcom, pulling pranks on his friends or teasing him he loves it all. Don’t take life too seriously and he will be falling at your feet.

  1. Be Opinionated

We all know joking around can be a great time but letting him know you have conviction and are not afraid to voice your opinions will earn you the respect you deserve. Whilst it’s great to have a laugh, showing that you can be decisive and intellectual will help him connect with you on a deeper level. Knowing that you can listen to him if he needs and that you are someone he can trust to confide in will make him want to have you in his life.

  1. Be Feminine

So you’ve approached him, you’ve joked around, you’ve shouted a round of drinks and voiced your opinions on Palm Oil, he’s thinking you’re pretty great right now. The last thing you need to show him is your softer side, your more feminine side. Whilst he loves knowing you are independent and strong, he also likes to know that every now and then you need him. The ability to be feminine and show your vulnerable side will speak to his biological make up. He won’t be able to help it. Being feminine does not mean being helpless or quite it means demonstrating those qualities that make us different from men, our nurturing, caring and maternal sides. If he sees these qualities in you not only will he feel the urge to protect and care for you on a basic psychological level he will also be assessing your abilities to raise and look after potential children. These masculine instincts are innate, he won’t have a choice but to fall head over heels in love.




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