How to Get a Man to Chase You

As part of the Gala concert of CENTRASBAT 00, Kazakh performers demonstrate a cultural tradition of a game called catch a girl, in which the two riders (male and female) take off on horseback and try and catch each other. The female rider whips the male until she is caught. If the male catches the female he is then rewarded with a kiss. The Gala concert was a show put on by Kazakhstanis, showing a variety of traditional dances and cultural events. CENTRASBAT is a multi-national peacekeeping and humanitarian relief exercise sponsored by US Central Command (US CENTCOM) and hosted by former Soviet Republic Kazakhstan in Central Asia, from Sept. 11-20. CENTRASBAT will test US and Central Asian units combat readiness and ability to conduct peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, as well as develop and build cooperative relationships between the respective states and assist in laying the foundation for future peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

Whether you are tired of chasing after the man you enjoy, or you simply desire the adventure that comes from turning the tables on a crush, it’s perfectly possible to obtain a guy to chase you instead of the other way around. If you stop chasing a man, he’ll be even most likely to be intrigued by you, and to want you even more. If you want to understand how to get a man to chase you, then see Step 1 to get begun.


Part 1 of 2: Catching His Eye


Catch him staring at you and walk right by. Sure, you can approach a man who is staring at you and start up a conversation. He can like talking to you and fall for you even more … or he can get an increasing number of intrigued by the gorgeous woman he saw walking by and may want to understand even more about her. Let his eyes rest on you and wait for him to approach you instead. Or, if you know you’ll see him again, come up to him the next time.

Of course, if you really want to go up to him, he can be intrigued and find that refreshing, too. If it’s not your design, you don’t have to be so dainty.


Have your own life. Guys find nothing sexier than women with their own lives. Having a meaningful and fulfilling life where you pursue your career or enthusiasm and have a few hobbies or interests that you care about will make you a person who is worth knowing. Whether you want to be a writer or just really love painting, the guy will be much more into you if he sees that there are so many things that you care about that aren’t him. If all you do is watch TV and wait for him to call, then he won’t be as intrigued.

Doing a lot of interesting things will also make you a more interesting person who is worth getting to know.

If the guy believes your schedule is wide open because you’re refraining anything, then he’ll be less likely to chase you, because he’ll always know where to find you: at home.


Wow him with your confidence. Guys can be intimidated by girls with a lot of confidence, but they are also deeply attracted to them. Let him see that you love who you are and what you have to offer to the world. Instead of being insecure, constantly complaining, or looking to the person for recognition, know that the recognition originates from within. If you’re happy with who you are, the guy will certainly be happier with who you are, because he’ll know that he can enjoy your company instead of trying to validate you all the time.

Of course, everyone can work on being more positive. In the meantime, you can start spending even more time doing what you love, having open body language and good posture, and addressing those pesky things you don’t like about yourself.


Flirt with him. You’ve got to get your flirt on if you desire the man to chase you. You have to make eye contact, play with your hair, tease him a little bit, and even maybe blush and get a bit girly to catch his eye. You can playfully touch him on the arm, give him a little smile even when nothing is funny, and just be playful and fun when you’re together. The flirtation is supposed to spark his interest, and to give him a taste of what it would be like if you were together. Keep it light, fun, and exciting.

Don’t come on too strong. Flirt a bit, and then pull back. Make him work for it.


Stay sexy. Find whatever sexy means to you and go all out. If it means getting your hair and nails done, then do it. If it means having the natural look and just wearing a bit of lip balm and a big smile, do that too. You can wear sexy clothes or just flattering clothes that make you feel great. Do whatever makes you feel confident and gives you the feeling that you’re taking care with your appearance. You’ve got to put in some effort if you want a man to chase you.

This is not to say that you should do anything that feels abnormal. You desire him to chase you, not some version of you that wears five pounds of makeup and uncomfortable stilettos.


Let him see you getting attention from other men. Don’t talk too much about hanging out with other guys, or the guy will see that you’re trying a little too hard to get his attention. Instead, let him see you talking to other individuals, and be yourself when you talk to them. Don’t laugh too hard, touch the guys too much, or make it look like you’re making way too much of an effort to make the guy feel jealous. It needs to happen naturally. Whether you’re hanging out or walking with another crush or just a platonic guy friend, be engaged and interested and the guy will be jealous.

Though it’s totally dumb, it’s true that having other guys interested in you will make you more preferable. The guy will want you even more if he sees that other individuals want you, too.

Make sure not to take this too far. If the man constantly sees you around other individuals, he could think that you’re simply a huge flirt or that you’re not interested in him, anyway.


Part 2 of 2: Keeping Him Hooked


Don’t always be available for him. If you pick up the phone as soon as he calls, or if you agree to go on a date with him even if he asks you out just hours before, then he’ll start to think that there’s nothing exciting in your life besides hanging out with him. If you desire the guy to chase you, then he has to feel like you have a lot going on which you’re difficult to get a hold of. Of course, you don’t want him to think you’re so busy that you can never hang out with him, or he’ll get bored, but strike a balance between being busy and being available enough to see him so he stays interested.

Don’t select up on the very first ring if he calls you. Better yet, let a few hours go by before you return his call.

The same goes for texting. If he shoots you a text, let some time go by before you get back to him, unless it’s particularly time sensitive.


Be a little bit naughty. Once you’ve established some kind of a relationship and have linked a few times, don’t be afraid to let him know when you’re in the mood when you’re apart. You need to call him one day at work and tell him about the naughty things you’ve been considering doing to him. It will make him lust after you till he can get his hands on you. Do this sparingly, at the right minutes, and you’ll have him wrapped around your little finger.

Choose your timing well. You don’t want to tell him you’re feeling frisky if he’s about to head into a job interview or is spending his day with his grandmother.


Once in a while, Surprise him with kindness. Sure, playing hard to get is great fun, but if you do it too much, he’ll start to think that you’re too hard to get. You have to back up and give in a little bit, letting him know that you do care about him. Cook him a homemade meal on his birthday. Call him just to say hi. Get two tickets to his favourite team’s home game. Do something nice for him to keep him interested, and then pull back again. If you cook him that homemade meal every day, then yeah, he’ll start to take you for granted.

Once in a while, find a balance in between playing hard to get and providing in every. You can’t always act one way or another.


Do not tell him everything immediately. If the 2nd he fulfils you, you tell him you have five sisters, that you dream of being an actress, and that you have a complicated relationship with your mother, he’ll feel like it won’t take a lot of effort to pull back the layers and really get to know you. Instead, make him work for it. Tell him one interesting and unique thing about yourself when you first meet, and drop these pieces of information like rare pieces of the most delicious chocolate throughout your next hangouts. Make him work to get to know you; if he thinks you’re putting all of it out there anyhow, he won’t try nearly as hard.

When they feel like ladies who are more reserved or less open up to them, Men love it. They feel like they’ve won a prize.


Don’t reach out to him as much as he reaches out to you. Let him be the one to call you first more often than not. Let him text you to say hi. Wait for him to suggest an enjoyable party you both should go to. Though you don’t need to do this all the time, you should wait for him to take the initiative more, seeming like you’re busy or have more vital things to do than to worry about whether or not he’ll call. Of course, you can still get in touch with him or suggest an awesome outing for the two of you, but make sure the ball lands back in his court.

Nobody said these methods were for the patient-minded. If you’re the type who goes insane waiting around for a guy to get in touch with you when you ‘d much rather take over and steer the relationship in the direction where you want it to go, then this will be difficult for you for sure.


Enjoy with your sweethearts. Don’t be one of those women who never calls her girlfriends back once she gets a boyfriend. You should have a good time with your girlfriends and enjoy those girls’ nights out, regardless of your relationship status. If the guy sees that you like going out dancing with the girls, having beverages with the girls, or just getting in your woman time, he’ll believe it’s cool that you prioritize your pals. He’ll likewise get more jealous, because he’ll be thinking about all of the guys who may approach you on those girls’ nights!

Making time for your girlfriends will keep you centred and will keep you from being too boy crazy.


Be unpredictable. You have to keep him on his toes if you want the man to keep chasing you. Suggest a random weekend trip. Jump into the ocean even if it’s a little cold and windy out. Go to Chuck E Cheese for a date. He will get bored and will stop chasing you if you always do the same old things or say the same old things. But if he doesn’t know what to expect, then you’ll have him where you want him! You don’t have to be spontaneous 24/7, but make it a priority to be surprising when the moment emerges.

Resist the urge to plan, plan, plan everything and leave something up to possibility. Let him pick you up without asking what you’re going to do every second of the date.


Remember that the chase is never ever over. Even if you think the guy is falling in love, you need to always keep him on his toes. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t open up to him gradually and that you have to not be yourself, but it does mean that you have to be on the alert and to never get contented in your relationship. Don’t fret about letting your guard down, but keep things exciting and fresh at the same time.

Keep complimenting him, making him feel special, and making him feel like he has to work for it– in a great relationship, you both have to do a bit of work to maintain a healthy amount of love and love!



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