How To Get That Shy Guy

Shy guys are the hardest to read. You think they might like you, but their actions are all blurry. These type of men tend to underestimate their capability to attract women, hence their behavior around the opposite sex.

But there can be telltale signs that he’s actually into you. He abruptly withdraws eye contact with you, he lowers his eyes when he walks past you, he smooths his hair when you’re around. Clearly, he’s attracted to you!


If you wish to get that shy guy, you may have to initiate the first step. The shy guys fear rejection and disapproval, so making the first move will help them get rid of these notions and see you as an approachable, nice woman with whom they can have a potential relationship with.

Once they are comfortable with you, they will start to open up and flood you with all the affection and emotion they have kept inside. So make him feel accepted and appreciated with these helpful tips! Here’s how you can get that shy guy in no time.

Time. How will you two ever get to know each other if you never spend some time together? Waiting for him to ask you out is definitely out of the question. And you asking him out might take him off guard and scare him away. Stage something instead that will end up with two of you spending at least an hour together. This creates ample time for you to get comfortable in each other’s presence—a date won’t accomplish comfort, it will make him anxious and pressured to make a good impression.

Smile. An upward curve of the mouth sends a lot of positive vibes. If you constantly show him your pearly whites, he’ll start thinking that you like him. This will go a long way in boosting his confidence and see you as a woman he can be with. He will no longer feel awkward once you catch him stealing a glance at you. The goal is to make him warm up to you, and nothing melts a guy’s heart more than a smile does. Just smile your way into getting that shy guy!

Small talks. That actually turn into big ones! Deep conversations often start with casual ones. Just a simple “Hi” every now and then can eventually become longer and meaningful sentences. So don’t stop initiating the conversation.

Ask for his number. The dating rules are just not completely applicable when it comes to shy guys. Once he’s comfortable with all the attention you’ve been giving him, it’s perfectly okay to ask for his number and start calling him. But not in a creepy, stalker-like way. Give him the occasional ring and ask how his day was. In no time, he’d be the one calling you.
Dealing with shy guys can be quite tricky, but it can be very simple once you realize that all they need is an assurance from you. The tips mentioned above can help making him comfortable in your company. The trick is, you have to make the FIRST move. After that, he’ll take the reins and sweep you off your feet!



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