How to keep him interested in you for the long term


How to keep him interested in you for the long term.

If there’s one thing men like to be, it’s being happy. And they like staying that way for a long time ‘til kingdom come.

And although it is not his woman’s sole job to keep him happy, it certainly is a requirement in making him stay. Otherwise, he’d soon find that happiness somewhere else, or better yet, with someone else. Here are proven ways to keep his interest in you all the time. And for a long time.

                Be happy yourself. Happiness is a two-way street. And why should he have all the fun anyway? Do things that make him happy also because it makes you happy. It also helps to communicate with each other on things that make you either happy or unhappy.

Snob appeal. Men like games, even when they’re already in a relationship. When things become too easy and predictable, men itch to find something fun and spontaneous to pique their interest. Try becoming occasionally unavailable and playful to his sexual moves. He’ll soon start wanting more.

Be his number one fan. Men always tend to appear masculine in front of women, though it wouldn’t hurt their machismo if you make them feel that you support them and believe in them. If called for, praise him in front of others and motivate him in his endeavors. He will take it as an encouragement when you are on his team and he will tend to work harder and become much better as an individual.

Make sex more than the physical. Men are creatures who live to be pleasured. It’s practically hard-wired in their DNA. But to keep a guy interested in you, view sex as each other’s way to reach out for emotional closeness and bonding and not just to reach a temporary high.

Show affection and appreciation. Sure, men like feisty and fierce woman. But nothing is more off-putting than a woman who constantly belittles her man, especially in front of others. Most men would rather have someone to hold their hand, stroke their hair, hug them from behind, prepare their favorite meals, or give them a massage rather than have someone who is constantly in a pissing contest with them.

Give him space. He hates his mother for being such a nagger. He clearly doesn’t need you to become one as well. Giving attention is important to any man, but too much attention bordering in psycho-stalking is a no-no. Leave him be when he’s enjoying his beer and video games, or when he’s engrossed in a football game, or when he’s running after a deadline at work. Give him some alone time every now and then.

Honesty is still the best policy. To keep a long and healthy relationship, honesty is the key. Never lie to your man. Trust is an essential element of keeping him on your side. If a man doesn’t feel secured with you, don’t expect him to stay.

Lucky you. If you think he’s a good catch, let him know. Tell him that you love him every day and how much it means to you to have him in your life. Being the instinctive protectors that they are, it’ll make him feel such a man when he thinks that you need him. Men love nothing more than feeling like men, and he’ll stay with you because it makes him feel good inside.

                Take care of yourself. You tell yourself, “If he truly loves me, he’ll accept me no matter what”. No matter what doesn’t include you letting go of yourself. Just because you’ve been together for some time you’d abandon the practice of being healthy and presentable altogether. Although if he constantly finds flaws in you, then maybe he’s not for keeps at all.

Keep it interesting. Random acts of intimacy and spontaneity will keep him guessing what your next move will be. Surprise him with a weekend trip when he says he’s having a tough week at work. Show up at his place with his favorite food when he least expects it. Wear your lingerie that he considers his favorite.



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