How to tell if he’s ready to commit to a serious relationship


How to tell if he’s ready to commit to a serious relationship.

Commitment and excitement.

Time is an imperative investment he can give you. Availability is the key, most definitely! He rearranges his schedule to accommodate quality time with you, and plenty of it too. He commits to the big stuff like accompanying you to important functions and social activities. He commits to the small stuff too, like meeting you on schedule or running errands with you. He’s pretty much consistent at it too. And before things get mundane, he spices up your get-togethers from time to time and surprises you with a brand new experience. He has effort written all over his face, and a huge grin plastered along with it.

Exclusive and non-reclusive.

When a man wants to be in a serious relationship with you, he’ll start acting the part. Nothing spells commitment more than your man expressing how much he loves and adores you. He only has eyes for you and is not timid in showing his affections in public. He’s quick to brush that strand of hair from your face, or hold your hand while crossing the street, or open doors for you, or put his arms around your shoulders when seated next to you, or give you that occasional peck when you least expect him to— all within view of other people and he just couldn’t care less.

Into the inner circle.

You’ve met his parents and just about everyone he constantly associates with. You’re the one his office colleagues chide him with every time he leaves the office early. You’re often tagged in group photos with him. He invites you to intimate gatherings with family and friends, and is always eager to introduce you as “his woman” whenever you meet his people.

Me to Us.

You know his mindset has changed from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ when he includes you in his plans. More and more of his sentences start with ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. He seeks your advice in making decisions, may it be a huge one like switching careers down to the mindless ones like which tie goes well with his shirt. Your interests matter as well and he walks an extra mile in your sky-high shoes, figuratively at least. He considers what you like to eat in choosing a restaurant, which movies you’d enjoy when you both decide to stay in, and what books pique your interest. He even has a mental list of the things that annoy you. The icing on the cake? He respects your decisions and choices and is able to meet you halfway as well.

Best friends (with benefits).

Beyond the fact that he can’t get his hands off of you, he’s candid with you as well. You don’t have to pry information from him. He trusts you with his innermost secrets and thoughts. He’s seen the worst of you yet he has not run for the door. In fact, he knows you like the back of his hand and tells you he accepts you wholly, flaws and all.



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