How Your Masculine Energy May Repel Your Man?

Women do have masculine energy in them.

This is what gives them the qualities of directness, control, assertiveness, competitiveness, and the sense of “doing”. In this cutthroat world, strong and independent women often need to bring out their “inner man” in order to thrive. As a professional, possessing these attributes will definitely help you reach your optimum potential. But as a woman in a relationship? You can’t bring all those energies next to your man. You’ll end up as a heap of warring polarities with an attraction amounting to nil. The masculine energy is like fire— when used properly, it has the potential to be creative, practical, and benevolent; when misused it can threaten to burn and destroy.

For most men, masculinity is their true essence. It is what they project in their relationships. They thrive on providing stability and presence in the relationship. They want to be needed and they need this validation to come from their woman. If you come across as the kind of woman who doesn’t need a man, then you probably don’t need one! Don’t chase off your man by competing with his role in the relationship. Men are quite territorial, so any threat on their masculinity will make your relationship unstable. This doesn’t mean that you have to surrender and be needy. Just be receptive of the things they provide for you. You need to communicate to your male partner that you feel safe, special, and desired. Allow him to do things for you— it doesn’t make you weaker or any lesser of a person. This does not communicate submission, because the latter is borne out of fear. By being accepting of your man’s masculinity, you breed respect, appreciation, and love.

You have to understand that being a female subscribing to equality sometimes take your assertiveness as akin to being a man yourself. This impedes men from making romantic and emotional connections. To bring out the best within yourself and your man you MUST turn down your masculine energy and bring out your inner goddess. Your beautiful soft, vulnerable, flirty feminine energy.

Men adore women who have the softness, they want to protect her, they find a woman with feminine energy incredibly sexy, and it makes them want to step up and be the warrior.

Try it right now, bring our your inner goddess, let him make a decision, give him the opportunity to take charge and show him your appreciation when he does.



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