And keeping him by simply being you!

 When women encounter the word “irresistible”, they often imagine having a size 0 body, perfect hair, luscious lips, and being well-endowed in all the right places. Then they end up worrying about their looks and they tend to accept that relationships revolve around aesthetics as the norm.

Well women, better think again. You are so caught up in your thoughts of what a woman should look like in order to attract the opposite sex that you fail to realize that it is what a woman ought to be that really matters. And what is that, really? For starters, your looks really have nothing much to do with attraction. It has more to do with who you really are.  And you are made up more than just your looks. Your entire persona is the singular force that draws men towards you.

You have to remember that attracting the opposite sex is as much a mystery as it is considered a science. More than the hormones, pheromones, and brain physiology involved in the process of attraction, who you really are at the core will be the penultimate judging point as to whether men like you or not. What makes any woman truly attractive to men is their ability to express themselves truly— being comfortable and confident in their own skin. It is not merely accepting who you are, but flaunting it as well!

When you embrace and exude your feminine energy, you allow the universe to take its natural course. That is, to create balance and draw masculine energy towards you. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable by freely expressing your feelings and values, you become irresistible to men.

But don’t be quick to mistake being yourself as equal to not making any effort, AT ALL. You have to be the real you, but the best real you will attract the person most suited for you. It doesn’t mean that you can just drop your guard and hope that someone just accepts you for who you are. Attraction has only one law, and that is “You attract what you put out there”. If you are not being your authentic self, no genuine relationship will come out between you and your man because over time, he will see through your act and find all the reasons he was attracted to you in the first place turned out to be fake.

So have the confidence to just be YOU. That way, you can rest assured that you will attract someone who is definitely the best match for YOU.



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