One On One Date Coaching

One-On-One Date Coaching

How are you trying your luck in the dating scene?

  • Are you frequenting bars?
  • Are you getting frustrated with online dating?
  • Are you hoping to meet the right sooner rather than later?

I guarantee that after spending a couple of weeks with me, your whole approach to dating will change.

Here are just some of the powerful things you’ll learn through my specialised date coaching for strong smart successful women:

  • Ever wonder why women that you don’t think are so-so physically get more attention than you? You will learn the science and psychology of attraction…
  • How to identify an ideal fit for you. Learn how to not be too picky, have standards and not settle for the first man that comes along with interest.
  • Learn The biggest mistake that dooms most budding relationships before they get started… and how YOU can avoid it!
  • The best methods for starting a conversation with a guy you’re interested in online.
  • How to increase your dating options and eliminate the players from the game!
  • Learn how to avoid being tricked into falling for a beautifully written profile when the guy with the average profile is better at living in the real world…
  • Surefire techniques to get him to ask for your phone number before the conversation is over…
  • How to Get Over Yourself yet exude sexy, sensual confidence that attracts the right men!

I don’t feel that I’m successful unless you are successful at meeting your goals. I’m only happy when you are happy with the results of working with me. As a dating coach, your success is my success. My pride in doing this is being able to EMPOWER women to take control of their own destiny.

Men are not as complex as an enigma as the magazines and talk shows would have you think. It’s true that men and women think differently about many things, but the fundamental desires of wanting a partner you can love and trust are the same. For all the differences, these are easily learned. In no time, you’ll understand what makes a man tick.

My goal is to make sure that you don’t need me any more. If you have to return to me every six months to fix your dating life, then I haven’t fulfilled my promise. I’m here to empower you and help you build your dating IQ. When our tine together is up, you should be able to make your own healthy and informed decisions. You should be happy with the results, even if every interaction with a man doesn’t result in a proposal.
I must get you to the point that you are enjoying your dating life as it comes and not hating yourself for making bad decisions.

When our time is up, you’ll have self-love, options in the dating scene or a potential husband. You set the goal. I help you create the plan and make the appropriate life changes and decisions to help you meet your goal.

So if you’re ready to take a huge leap in the most important area of your life, I’m committed to helping you with the Romance Course, where you’ll get:

  • Online Dating Advice
  • Professional Tips for Being Irresistible to Men
  • 4 Weeks of Online Dating Coaching
  • All Sessions Recorded and Emailed to You

If you want to achieve this and more then...

…then let’s talk.

I have opened a limited number of (free) On line Dating Strategy Sessions in my diary.

During these sessions I’ll deep dive into your dating life and guide you on how you can best start  getting results in dating and attracting the man of your dreams and keeping him interested in the long haul.

This is your chance to feel discover the secret’s that most people will never know before the year ends with a view to consider mentoring with me in 2015.

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Looking forward to working with you on capturing and keeping your ideal man.

Your Friend,

Samantha Jayne
International Date Coach and Relationship Expert

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