I’ve been seeing Samantha now for 3 months at first I wanted to break up with my boyfriend but things are different now. Samantha has helped me connect and communicate with my man and get the things I want from him. I used to get so annoyed when we would go into his cave, he would close off and run away. Now I know how to bring him closer, have him open up and we are stronger than ever.
Donna – Sales Executive


After my first session with Samantha I noticed a difference, I felt happier more comfortable with myself and connected within. All of a sudden I went from feeling like I had no control to having total control, knowing that I was the master of my destiny and that if I really wanted a relationship it was up to me to make the right choices. Samantha gave me an attraction script to follow and I used it at a speed dating event, 8 out of 10 men wanted to meet me! this had never happened before I had found my mojo!

I am now dating with confidence and I have more choice than ever!
Monique – Business Owner


I’ve always been quieter than usual, I’m pretty introverted and although I’m well recognised and successful in my industry I always found it hard to attract men. They never approached me, I think they always thought I was taken. I used to give off a I’m married vibe. Now I’ve learnt to flirt, gain confidence and accept myself for who I am and the best news ever. I meet a really nice man, he is an Engineer, he is the man I’ve always been waiting for! If it wasn’t for the confidence building techniques there is no way we would be together.
Madeline – Scientist.


After going through and ugly divorce I thought I’d never date again let alone meet an incredible man. When I saw Sam I was feeling pretty down on myself, my confidence was shattered, and I was heartbroken, after working together for 12 months my life has transformed. I have met an amazing man, yes we are even talking about marriage!! This time I’m determined to get it right! I’m so happy, I feel complete, fulfilled and I know that everything is ok now.
Natalie – Lawyer


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