Right time to say i love you

The right time to say “I Love You”

“I Love You!” Three simple words with abundant possible meanings that can triggerI love you overwhelming emotions. Love is an intense and beautiful feeling, others may have dreamed of hearing it all their lives while some literally don’t care. Indeed, love is powerful; it can either make or break a relationship. But then again, love is not supposed to be easy; it’s supposed to be worth it.

You might be starting a new relationship or have recently dated someone for the past few months and you keep on wondering, The right time to say “I Love You”. It’s really simple if both person in a relationship are ready to profess their love for each other, boldly declaring “I Love You” can result to extreme happiness and satisfaction but if your significant other is not ready to hear those three little but powerful words, a seemingly promising relationship can be in for a wrong turn.

Perfect timing is essential! Saying it too soon and you can look desperate but saying it too late can make it lose its magic. There are always The right time to say “I Love You”. Bear in mind though, some people are uncomfortable with talking about love and relationships in general. Others may think that the expression can bind them to a relationship they are not ready for.

If you feel ready to profess how you really feel, consider a few things to ensure the sweetest “I Love You Too”.

Make your intentions known

Let your significant other know how serious and happy you are with your relationship before you reveal how you love him. If the right time comes, he will have an idea of what you are about to confess. If you’re dating someone who’s just looking for a fling, he’ll back off and you should let him be, clearly he doesn’t deserve your love.

Make sure you speak the same language

Be sure that he doesn’t misinterpret your words, explain that you just wanted him to know how you truly feel, that love is just love and not a marriage proposal.

Be nice

Let your romantic gestures reveal how you feel. Start to treat your date like you would treat your lover. Your date will instinctively know where your relationship is heading.

Be on the same page

Try to wait until you are pretty certain you belong in the same page. You can test how he feels about you by his gestures, efforts and your conversations. Men aren’t usually verbally expressive, but you can observe how he acts around you.

He’s happy with you

Does he get excited about your dates? Does he constantly smile when you are around? Does he love spending time with you? These are good signs that he’s in love with you too.

Don’t expect an immediate response

Let’s be honest, you’ll expect with all your heart to hear him say it too but others, men usually I love you have a difficult time in expressing how they feel. They might just be preparing something special for you when they say it.

Finding the perfect time to say “I Love You” can be tough. Just keep these tips in mind and you might be saying it in the perfect manner at a perfect time.

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