The secrets to capturing a man’s attention on a first date


The secrets to capturing a man’s attention on a first date.

                You had me at hello. It is true on what they say about first impression— they tend to last. And first dates are all about making an impression, which could possibly lead to a second one. But what can a woman possibly do to attract a man upon sight? You have to appeal to his senses, especially on what he can see in you. But it’s not entirely on what you wear or how you look; it’s also about how you carry yourself. A man can sense confidence by the way you act, how comfortable you are in your own skin, or the manner you speak upon introduction. Make sure you meet his gaze and show him a smile. You agreed to see him, so a little welcoming attitude and niceness are called for. He’d want to see you again because he doesn’t find you intimidating.

Dress your best. Besides the fact that you want to look good yourself, making an effort to look beautiful and attractive sends a message to your date that you want to capture his attention. A little black dress and showing some skin help keep his eyes on you more than your drab Sunday dress. Dress in a manner other men might find attractive. He’ll soon give you his full attention once he senses that he’s with a beautiful woman and how lucky he is to have you as a date. The best predators in nature guard their best prey after all.

Mental seduction. Luring a man isn’t entirely flaunting your physical assets. When you’re both seated for you date, most of the physical you is hidden behind a table. Men are mostly driven by sexuality and sensuality. Your looks might have been what got him into the door, but what’s between your ears is the one that will make him stay. Initiate a conversation by cracking a smart joke. It shows you’ve got wit and he’ll wonder what else you have up your (mental) sleeve for the rest of your date. Draw him in with the way you talk. Flirt intelligently and tease subtly. Talk about general topics like shared interests, but make it more interesting by selling out your mental seduction prowess. You’re sure to get his full attention all night.

Thrill of the chase. Men live for it. They always want what they can’t have. A man can lose interest in you if he readily senses he can have you. Make him work for your attention and interest as well— quality men like a challenge. Drop hints that you might be seeing someone else. Breathe in a little mystery about yourself. If you keep him guessing just enough, he’d definitely want to know more about you. Nothing appeals more to a man than an enigmatic woman whose walls he’ll try to break down. Let him try but make him sweat in the process.

Don’t show feelings too soon. How would you like if your date tells you how much he likes you on the first date? You think you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger and soon he becomes a bore. It’s exactly the same way around. Timing is vital in seduction. You must not tell him or show him how you feel about him on the first date. Sending a bit of mixed signals on the first date will leave him wondering and would definitely want to know what’s on your mind.



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