He’s not a good listener. One day he has the hots for you then treats you coldly the next. He never discusses a possible future together. He doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. He’s physically present but emotionally absent. He tells you he cares about you, except he doesn’t treat you like he does.

And you still think he’s the one. You don’t want to let him go despite all evidence telling you to. You keep taking him back regardless how many times he has broken your heart. You continue to put up with him even if you know you deserve better. So what is behind your self-destructive behavior?

A lot of women are walking on egg shells like you are with this type of man. You have inexplicably held on to a relationship which brings you nothing but hurt and pain. Yet you always come up with an excuse to justify his crappy behavior. He’s got a sad childhood, he’s going through a rough time at work, we’ve been through a lot together, he’s really a great guy behind that tough exterior. And the list of lame reasons goes on and on.

You are a strong, smart, and independent woman so why do you continue to stick around with someone who’s not even worthy? Why do you allow him to have such a powerful hold on your life?

The hard truth is, you’ve been blindsided to believe that what you have between the two of you is true love or any form of love at all. What you’re actually experiencing is LIMERENCE. It’s an unhealthy addiction to your emotions that all reason goes out the window and you refuse to accept the fact that he just isn’t the one and he’ll never be. It’s like the worst addiction you can have where he’s the drug and you’re the addict. As with all addiction stories, they never end well.

End it now and end it for good. Here are a few things to remind you why it’s never gonna work out with him and why you should ditch him. SOON.

He’s not the last man on Earth. You can’t just settle with a bad apple just because you think it’s the only one left. And you can’t stop fishing just because you caught a sardine. What you have isn’t a relationship to begin with.  This man you consider to be your ‘love’ is actually the only person stopping you from finding true love. So quit him. And quit him for good.

Don’t lose your reason over emotion. Feelings can be overwhelming sometimes, but don’t throw all caution to the wind just because you feel like you’ve found love. You’re the catch and he should feel lucky. Not the other way around. If a man truly loves and cares for you, you don’t have to expend an effort to muscle him into thinking that way.



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