Tips to Being Irresistible

Everything you read or see on television would have you think that physical beauty is the key to being irresistible. Yes, pouty lips are sexy to some men. Yes, long legs are sexy to other men. Yes, being top-heavy will turn a lot of heads. But these aren’t the qualities that will attract the man of your dreams. First of all, there are approximately 3+ billion men on the planet all with different tastes. Throw the magazines away, because they represent one woman (who doesn’t exist in the real world). They don’t represent the billions of real women in the world that men actually want to marry.

Besides, super models intimidate a lot of men. If you’re trying to attract men, the last thing you want to do is intimidate them. I’m going to let you in on 3 tips you can apply right now. Once you try these, I want you to email me and tell me what impact they had on your day and how men responded to you today.

  1. Hold Your Head Up – If you don’t have a lot of self-confidence fake it by holding your head up. Smile and look people in the face with they talk to you. Try to focus on their eyes if you can. Looking away or at everything else but he person is a sign that you have low self-confidence. Men don’t want projects unless it’s fixing up a new car. A woman with low self-esteem says you come with high emotional maintenance.
  2. Throw Away Unflattering Clothes – Grab a glass of wine and invite your closest girlfriends over. Take everything out of your closet and try every piece on one by one. Get your friend to give you their honest opinion. Does the blouse flatter you? Make you look frumpy? Age you 10 years? Make you look younger? Is the color great with your skin complexion? Mix and match blouses with pants and skirts that you’ve never dared to match before. Create a new look with what you have now. It will inspire you when you go shopping again.
  3. Reel him in with the heels – A recent New York Times Magazine survey revealed that men pay attention to a woman’s shoes. I bet you can recall a thousand different comedic jokes aimed at women for being in love with shoes, when research shoes that men care about the shoes too. The survey showed that men might not know popular women’s brands, but they can tell when a woman has taken the time to pick out a nice pair of shoes. And many of them admitted that heels are super sexy.

The overlapping theme in these tips is that what attracts men is seeing that a woman takes pride in her appearance. You don’t have to be born with certain physical assets and you don’t have to go out and hire a surgeon to change your body. If you appreciate what you have and take care of it properly, you will see a difference in how men respond to you.

Don’t forget to write me how these changes turned out for you.



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