Top 5 Reasons To Date A Lawyer

TV shows like Law and Order, Suits and How To Get Away With Murder have all made an impact because they show the interesting and complicated world of lawyers. Famous author John Grisham has also made his sales in the same way.

Ever wondered what it would be like to date a lawyer?

Lawyers are intriguing and their world is a mystery to most of us. So dating a lawyer? That’s every girl’s dream.

Date a lawyer and you’ll impress your friends, family and yourself.

Lawyers Impress Your Parents

It doesn’t matter if your lawyer date is actual successful. The second your parents hear the word ‘lawyer’, they’ll be impressed. And rightly so, because law school and passing the bar is no walk in the park. If you’ve brought home guys who have menial jobs or no job at all, then this is your chance to redeem yourself.
Aside from the mere fact that your date is a lawyer, lawyers are also used to impressing whoever they meet. That’s their job – to charm and to impress. Your date will know exactly how to make your parents like him and respect him.

Lawyers Impress Your Friends

Following the same logic as impressing your parents, you’re easily going to impress your friends or colleagues when you have a lawyer as a date. You’ll be the envy of every girl and they’ll all badger you for details after every date. Because lawyers have an air of intrigue about them, accompanied by their charm, walking into any event with your lawyer date beside will definitely turn heads.

Lawyers are experts at reading people.

They know how to handle themselves to get the reaction they want from a specific person. So even if your parents and your friends have different tastes, your lawyer date can easily impress both of them.

Lawyers Are Financially Secure

Lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals out there. If you’re looking for someone to date who is financially stable, and who knows how to handle his finances, then a lawyer is what you need. No matter what happens to our economy, people will always hire lawyers. Dating a lawyer means dating someone who won’t be affected by any market crisis that may happen.

Lawyers Work Hard And Play Hard

As a general rule, lawyers are hard workers. It’s in the very nature of their job to give it 110%. But because of this, lawyers play hard as well. They need time to relax and have fun and forget about the stress that jobs bring them. And when you have them for dates, you’ll surely have the night of your life. Almost all lawyer events have an open bar too, which you can take advantage of whenever they invite you as their date.

Lawyers Are Interesting

We’ve all had those dates with awkward silences because there seems to be nothing to talk about. Or you’re date might just not be that interesting. You’ll never have this problem with lawyers because their world is so intriguing that you can talk for hours. Lawyers have lots of interesting law school stories as well, which would probably have you embarrassed at a restaurant because of laughing too loud.



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