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Is he into you? You’re not about to have his outspoken answer just yet on your first date and especially because men sometimes tend to be unexpressive and most of the time uncommunicative human beings. Men, unlike women, often find it hard to express how they feel and unfortunately get misinterpreted by their silence. But there might be a way to understand them and that is through their body language and what his body language is telling you about the relationship.Body Language

Unconscious body language signals can be very telling. All you need to do is to look out for the signs to have a sense of what he thinks and feels. Yes, you can decode his body language!

Men who use hand gestures while talking are good communicators; they are expressive and want to put emphasis on what they have to say. If he leans toward you and occasionally strokes his face, he is listening intently to what you’re saying. He might have the urge to touch you but feels it too soon to do so.

If a man does sustain eye contact, he definitely likes what he is seeing. If he adds a genuine smile then he surely is into you. When you see him lick his lips unconsciously then he sees something he desires. Also, a man who fidgets can mean he’s nervous and uncomfortable

According to Tracey Cox, author of Super flirt, if a man takes your hair out of your eyes or face, he secretly wants to touch you. Moreover, if he runs his fingers through his hair, he wants to look good for you and maybe nervous about his appearance. If you like him, offer him a genuine compliment about his appearance.

During a conversation, observe whether he keeps looking away from you or if he keeps his arms crossed, that means he may not be interested or too reserve to open up.

Whatever you see, do not judge too easily, consider the context because you might have a wrong idea about his actions. Do not over analyse you interpretations, he may misinterpret your actions as well.

Decoding someone’s body language can be very helpful in anybody’s relationship. It can contribute in understanding what his body language is telling you about the relationship.

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