Why Happy Girls Are The Prettiest And How Being Happy Can Snare Your Man.

Hi Girls,

Happy New Year! May 2015 be your year to snare the man of your dreams, find love and keep him forever!

This is just a quick note I wanted to say I’m so grateful for all your support. I love reading your questions! I love knowing that I am able to help and give you the insight that I have gained through years of experience.

I love hearing the stories of how so many of my readers have transformed their lives. Its the smallest things you do that make the biggest impact.

I just knowing that Make Men Commit is here for successful intelligent women who want to have it all.

I have so many exciting new programs I will be launching just for you, because the time is now to make it happen for you.

Today I’d like to share with you one of my favourite quotes by Audrey. “Happy Girls Are The Prettiest” and here is why you should be smiling at every opportunity and reframing negative experiences into positive ones.

Why Happy Girls Are The Prettiest And How Being Happy Can Help You Snare Your Man.

1. Being happy makes you more approachable because you smile more often it will open doors.

2. Being happy give you more self confidence, happy people notice others, they acknowledge them. Girls what goes around comes around.

3. Being around a happy woman makes a man feel good. Secret tip: Men fall in love with how you make him feel. Make him feel good and he will want to make you feel good in return.

4. Happiness is associated with strength. Not the kind of ball busting strenght. I’m talking about internal strenght with a soft exterior. Men love feminine softness, they crave it, the desire it, they want it because they dont have it. You always want what you don’t have to turn on your feminine powers

5. A happy women makes a man feel safe to open up his heart. A man is more afraid of love that you realise that is why when you search the internet there are millions of articles about “Why he disappeared”. He disappeared because he was afraid, he was either burn’t by some other woman and he fears the happening with you! Be happy and you then provide a safe space for him to want to commit to you.

I could write about happiness forever so I will stop here. My biggest take home for you is, to get it right be happy first then find a man. Most people get it wrong becuause they think by finding a man they will then be happy. This is not the case.

Be happy first then find the man of your dreams, he will come running, he will want to catch you and keep you and make him yours forever!

Until next time

Samantha Jayne




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