Why he stopped texting you?

When two people initially get together, text messages and emails become constant modes of communication. The guy might constantly check in on you and would always initiate a conversation with you. But women often run into this problem: His texts get less frequent and you find yourself initiating conversation from time to time. Of course you easily jump into the conclusion that he’s not into you.

Is he really not into you, when he stops texting you?

Not entirely. You see, technology may easily bring two people together but it also takes away the connection from other aspect of our lives. Texting is just not a sustainable form of communication. Sure, you wish he’d constantly send you messages all throughout the day. Can you imagine the toll it would take on him and his everyday life if he spent most of his time pressing his thumb into his phone’s keypad?

He could have been texting you a lot in the first few days after your date and that may dwindle in the course of the following days. It just means that he’s realized it is not quite realistic to be texting all the time—you both have lives to live! It doesn’t also set a good precedent— he doesn’t want you to think that texting is all you’ll ever get from him, especially if he’s being serious about you. Come to think of it, would you rather date a guy who texts you every day but fails to make an effort to take you out on a date or a guy who occasionally messages you but goes out of his way to find time to be with you?

Why he stopped texting you a response?

What about those times he did not respond when you messaged him, you ask? You might think it’s just rude. And if he were too busy to respond, couldn’t he just tell you he’s busy? The truth is, you don’t know what he’s up to at the time he received your message. Maybe he’s in the middle of an important meeting and your message was an interruption. It can get overwhelming and annoying sometimes when you constantly send a guy text messages. Guys also have this unconscious thought of “She knows I like her”, even though they know better than not respond to a message. Guys just don’t get how crazy this texting (or calling) thing is for girls!

When he stops texting, how do you handle the situation and prevent it from making you crazy?

CHOOSE your reaction, or have NO reaction at all! The way you react to any aspect of your social life is a matter of choice, like with everything else. Do not let your reactions manipulate you and let you lose the power to choose your response. Before reacting, stop and look into the situation more clearly. Stop getting tangled up in your emotions. When you think with a level head, you are able to choose the best move for yourself.

Never take a man’s texting habits personally. Don’t fall into the trap of obsessing over his behavior and don’t let it take away the fun in your life. Just think that he’s really into you. It is not naïve, rather, it is much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to think it to believe it will manifest in your life. Better choose an assumption that is positive instead of one that guarantees failure!



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