It happens to many women and it can happen to you: You get attached to a man who seems to show he has an intention to be with you. After investing your time and emotion, it still feels like he’s beyond your grasp. He just isn’t committing to you.

You’re tired of beating around the bush. You want to know whether you should move to the next step or move on from him. It has become so confusing when he says he cares for you, even loves you, but he is not making any moves to commit to you.

So how do you make your man commit? How do you figure out what he needs to fully commit to you? Well, it’s quite hard to figure out since women aren’t mind readers or guys the most articulate when it comes to expressing the things that make them happy. However, possessing the following qualities are proven to make him stay… for good.

Showing a sweet side of you. Add a spoonful of sugar to make… him go down on his knees. Well not exactly. But men crave TLC these days despite their manly exterior. Although you may not necessarily be the sweetest person on earth, showing gestures that you care and you’ve got his back are well received and appreciated. Men seek most of their emotional support almost exclusively from their partner. Be that one woman he’d love to feel that way with. A woman playing on her sweet is someone who truly knows how to make a man commit.

You make an effort to look your best. Yes yes yes. Men are indeed visual creatures. But it isn’t for that reason alone that you take care of yourself and how you look for HIM. You also have to do it for yourself. It shows that you have a healthy self-esteem and that you are well adjusted to who you are and how you look. To them, you appear like a put-together woman who knows her stuff. They know they wouldn’t have to be constantly doling out validation to make you feel better. And to men, that is just a relief!

You don’t cling to the small stuff. Men are strongly protective of their independence. Trying to constrain him by constantly being on his back even with the small things turns into a huge neon sign that speaks “Escape this woman now”. It’s not to say that you should never allow yourself to get pissed. It’s knowing which things are worthy to get pissed at that should be in every woman’s bible of how to make a man commit.

You don’t give it all away at once. Leave something to the imagination. Too much information is actually a turn-off to some guys. Not every single detail of your life must and should be disclosed to any guy. It’s natural you’d want to feel closer to your man, yet maintaining a sense of mystery is essential especially when you are aiming for things to get serious. You’d have to always leave him wanting more.

Keep him riveted. Why else would he stay if he has no reason to? Keep him engrossed in your conversations. Be engaging and make him smitten at the same time. You’d be amazed why he would want to commit to you so soon.



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