Are you Girlfriend Material?

Decoding men’s thoughts on women.

Many women often ask themselves whether they are girlfriend material in the eyes of their men. Unless he asks you out rightly to be his girlfriend, there is no sure way of really knowing. But there are certain signs which may point you towards an answer.

#1 He has introduced you to his family and close friends.

 If you haven’t met people he considers important in his social and personal circle, he might still be testing the waters. But once you have met these people, it’s a resounding proof that he considers you important and that he’d want you to be “officially” part of his world and his life. Even better? If he avoids using the word “friend” when introducing you.

#2 He acts comfortable around you.

Well, you could easily attribute it to being friend zoned, but it could definitely go the other way. If he can be himself around you, it means he trusts you and enjoys your company.

#3 He comes up with reasons to hang out with you.

 If he seems to want to spend plenty of time with you, then you are definitely girlfriend material. He likes and seeks out your company whenever he can. And he’s not just fooling around, because even players don’t put that much effort in spending time with women they’re really not into.

#4 You get primetime slots in his social life.

 Friday and Saturday nights are spent with you, even if he’s definitely tempted to go out with friends. In this scenario, you are definitely becoming a key player in his social life. He may still catch up with his buddies every now and then, but if he makes you a part of the best nights often, then chances are he wants you to share those experiences with him.

#5 He makes an effort to communicate.

He is willing to talk about the relationship and is ready to determine where you both stand in the relationship and where it’s going. He also makes an effort to constantly and consistently reach out to you by calling you or texting you when you’re not together. If he asks you about your day and remembers the things you said, then he definitely cares about you and sees you as someone who is more than a friend.

#6 He shares personal details of his life.

   It means he trusts you enough to be honest with you. He is seeking acceptance and approval for you. He is willing to be vulnerable around you because he thinks you’d still stick around despite his flaws.



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