Cynics might think that Valentines is just a commercial stint to bring in the money from all the hopeless romantics out there but Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for anyone to give their loved ones a little more loving. Here are a few gift ideas to make this love day extra special.

#1 Lingerie

Valentines has always been associated with romance and passion. A lingerie for your woman will definitely ignite the sensual pleasures in your relationship. Splurge by getting it form a high-end retailer and make sure it actually flatters her figure and it’s something she’d wear.

#2 Personalized chocolates

This has been increasingly popular during Valentines, veering away from the usual boring chocolate in a box. You can write her initials on them or anything reminiscent of your relationship. Throw in a bouquet of flowers and that’ll do the trick!

#3 Poetry

Cheesy as it sounds, but nothing is more romantic than a poem personally written for your special someone. If writing is not right up your alley, you can make a nice compilation of all the poetry that you’d like to dedicate to your partner.

#4 Mix CD

It’s very touching when you can come up with a track list of songs that includes both of your favorites and those that sums up what your relationship is for the both of you. It shows how much thought and effort went into the making of the mix CD. If you aren’t skimping on money, give it a twist by putting the songs in a brand new iPod or MP3 player.

#5 Hot air balloon ride

If you’re thinking that a horse and buggy ride will sweep her off her feet, why not do it  literally? If you can afford a hot air balloon ride, take her on one! She will definitely never forget it as her heart beats fast seeing the bright lights and landscape around you.

#6 Love letter with a twist

Instead of writing your loved one a note expressing your affection on paper, why not make it more real and show your emotions with a video? Get creative with it and she’ll definitely love seeing it again and again.

#7 Breakfast in bed

You may have done it on any other day, but make it more special on Valentine ’s Day by making heart-shaped waffles and chocolate-covered strawberry. Then feed her while you’re at it.

#8 Something warm

The cold season ain’t over yet so why not get matching mittens for you and your partner? Then take her to an ice skating rink and have a blast holding hands together while you hold each other’s hands.

#9 Something green

And not the naughty kind! Give her a plant, like those bamboos trained to form a heart. Or any low-maintenance greens to brighten up her place. It’s more long-lasting without the hassle of upkeep. It would be a little reminder for both of you to nurture the love you have for each other.

#10 Make it a ‘fortunate’ event

A lot of pastry shops sell personalized fortune cookies where you can put in extra sweet messages for her to be surprised with. Think about it, she’ll feel extremely fortunate with all the fortune in those cookies!



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