The Top 7 Things a Man Looks for in a Wife

Dating a woman is quite different than having thoughts of settling down. How do men know that she’s “the one”? How can you know that you are potential wife-material? Here are a few critical traits that men tend to go for when looking for a suitable lifetime partner.

# 7 Honest

Being in a committed relationship entails an almost full disclosure into the lives of each other. Men like to be in a relationship where their woman is genuine about her feelings and that they too can be honest with them as well. A trustworthy woman assures a man that she will only be invested in her partner.

# 6 Independent

Financially, that is! Recent studies show that men are keener to choose partners who are well able to support themselves and those who can hold their own. This change in ideal vision from men wanting women who were “only pretty” to men wanting women who can actually bring in resources into the relationship is nothing new in the 21stcentury.

# 5 Supportive

A man’s ego, fragile as it can be at times, requires validation and reassurance. It is therefore imperative that a man feels the support of his woman. This doesn’t mean that you have to be “agreeable” at everything. Where things really matter, like his important decisions and achievements are concerned, he needs to feel that you are on his side and that you will stand by him no matter how tough things get. A man wants a partner whom he can rely on. Isn’t that one of the things marriage is about?

# 4 Emotionally Mature

Marriage itself is abundant with challenges. It requires the meeting of two level-headed people in order for it to work out. A man wants a partner in life who can meet him eye-to-eye as to the level of maturity they share. This includes having similar principles and goals in life and someone who can understand their way of thinking and perception. They want a grown woman, not an emotionally volatile teenager that they will have difficulty dealing with.

# 3 Fun

Although visual creatures by nature, men thrive in long-term relationships because of the joy and excitement that their partners can provide. If you can stimulate him intellectually, physically, or sexually, then you are definitely a catch. Men like women who can keep things interesting and sustain the vigor of the relationship like when it first began. After all, you’d be spending your lifetimes together. They want someone who won’t easily dull the edges of the relationship.

# 2 Confident

A woman budding with self-confidence is more capable of exuding the right virtues and values of someone who’s for keeps. When you are less insecure about yourself, you begin to reach out to people, carry yourself proudly, be more in control, and generally more capable in life. Like they say, love yourself before anyone else. Your personality won’t get easily swallowed by your relationship and you still maintain a certain sense of self even when you’re married. A woman who is truly accepting and loving of herself becomes more attractive to men.

# 1 Nice

Really, you ask? The idea of men wanting someone described as “nice” might seem too bland and boring. But most men, when asked what they wanted first and foremost in a partner, answered that they wanted someone who was a nice person. Being nice extends to being kind, thoughtful, or considerate. These “nice” women showed in their gestures that they can take good care of people other than themselves, respects them, and gives them high regards. Of course there are exceptions, but the ones who truly attract husband-materials are nice women. So apparently, nice girls finish first (in the wedding race at least)!



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