When to Call It Quits In a Relationship

Being in a happy relationship is gratifying but it takes hard work to keep one. In a relationship, couples must be ready to face its trials but must also embrace its triumphs.

Funny how it only takes seconds to call it quits in a relationship but takes years to build and keep one.

Nobody wants to end a relationship. Endings undergo a grueling and a painful process for both parties. As much as possible one wants to hold on to even the slightest chance that a relationship can still be saved. Sometimes, it is too confusing and too complex to know when to stay and when to leave.

It can be a very difficult decision to end a relationship because this same relationship is what you and your partner built together, so is your relationship worth saving or is it time to call it quits?

Are you experiencing constant fighting? Small disagreements can be good in a relationship because it helps you understand each other more if you are able to work things out, it lets you listen to each other’s views and opinions but when you are constantly fighting and shouting at each other over some petty details and can’t find a way to resolve it, then consider this a red flag.

Maybe you are fighting and continually fighting because nobody wants to give in and come up with a peaceful solution. Many people have varies ways to know when to call it quits in a relationship.

According to a psychotherapist, Annie Bennett

, the author of The Love Trap, when one is constantly belittling his partner, there is a lack of respect and a” boundary violation is occurring”. She warned that “behaviour like this is a sign that one person has stopped acknowledging the other’s values and no longer accepts that person for who he/she is”. It takes more than love to keep a relationship, it needs mutual respect too.

If you have more time for your work, hobbies and other distractions than your special someone, consider taking a halt in your relationship. It is important to keep balance in all aspects of your life if you care enough to keep all of them. Your partner above all else must be the person you want to share everything with but if you can’t find time to be with that person, then what good is your relationship for? Perhaps you are consumed with boredom and got fed up with each other.

When there are unacceptable behaviors or important information that were not revealed at the beginning of the relationship like prior marriage, unmentioned child or large debts, it can be a ground for ending your relationship because trust becomes a concern according to Psychology Today. And when trust is broken, it can be rarely fixed.

When both partners have incompatible goals they usually resist to work together so make sure that you and your partner are going in the same direction. And most importantly, if one of you is experiencing abuse in your relationship, physically or emotionally, get out!

Quitting an important relationship is challenging, you have to be strong and to be sure when to leave or when to stay.



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