When your man seems to slowly drift away from you and your relationship, it can be quite devastating. They either go deeper into the relationship or pull away from you. Whatever the reason may be, it’ll still hurt the same.

Although it is quite hard to understand why men do it, there are top three reasons why they do. First, you might be getting too emotionally involved too early in the relationship. You might be coming across as either too eager or too invested in the relationship. This can scare some men away. Second, the guy may just simply be a player and that the connection may not be strong enough or a relationship just isn’t his priority. Third, they might feel pressured to be in a committed relationship. It may seem like you are backing him up against the wall, making him naturally scram.

Understanding their behavior can help a woman understand what their man really wants from them. See, men love their freedom and when it becomes threatened, they retreat from you. Often, a man would tell you that he isn’t ready for a commitment but what he’s really afraid of is becoming deeply attached to you, which greatly contradicts the independence they are so keen on protecting.

So what can you do when you start to feel that he is withdrawing from you?

Give him space. Just let him be. The more you back him up against the wall, the more stifling he’ll feel in the relationship. It doesn’t mean that you should withdraw from him as well. He still needs your affection; just don’t smother him with it.

Accept him back. When he does start to come back to you, take him back with open arms. This doesn’t mean that you are naïve; rather, it shows that you are a caring and understanding woman and he’ll love you more for it.

Understand what you’re doing.  Accepting him back when it seems he’s left you hanging may not seem like a smart move. But you have to understand that men have different reasons from women why they behave as such. Men don’t interpret withdrawal the way women do. They have a different sense of intuition than you do.

The next time you feel hurt from your man’s withdrawing behavior, think about the small mistakes that you might be doing everyday that are pushing him away, yet he has stayed with you all this time. Men are also occasionally allowed to distance themselves from their partner, as much as women feel entitled to when they feel that they have been wronged. Being understanding and supportive of his need to maintain a certain degree of freedom are necessary to keep the harmonious balance in your relationship and keep him from pulling away.



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